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Snack Pies 225g
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The Great British Pie Company

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Quality & Excellence

12 x 225g

£2.39 / Pie

£28.68 / Case
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Snack Pie Range From Quality & Excellence:-

The 220g pie is very handy for snack catering or for customers that may be on the move.
With 14 flavours to choose from there's no shortage of choice.

Steak Pub Pie

Mature beef in a rich full flavoured beef gravy. 

In our experience: 

No frills, just a damn good pie and maybe a winner for those who don't like kidney.

Steak & Ale Pub Pie

In our experience: 

It's fair to say this pie is pretty good and is undoubtedly our best seller.

Steak & Kidney Pub Pie

Made using the finest cuts of mature beef, pork kidney on a rich full flavoured gravy.

In our experience: 

Very traditional and a must for any menu.

Steak & Mushroom Pub Pie

In our experience: 

There's plenty of mushrooms in this pie not just the odd one or two!

Steak & Stilton Pub Pie

This Steak & Stilton Pie won 3 Gold Stars at The Great Taste Awards in 2013.

Mature Beef, Mature Stilton cheese and a beef gravy.

In our experience: 

The sort of pie that becomes an obsession!

Lamb & Mint Pub Pie

A bit different to the Steak or Chicken pie & makes a lovely change. 

In our experience: 

Made with English lamb ya know!

Rabbit Pub Pie

Made with chunks of Rabbit with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & peas.

In our experience: 

Something different and very "Country Pub"

Minced Beef & Onion Pub Pie

This classic and rewarding pie made with lean beef and full flavoured onions in a short pastry case. 

Exceptional depth of slow cooked flavour.

In our experience: 

This is my favourite pie!

Serve with mash, plenty of gravy and peas.

In Australia they put the pie on the pile of mash and pour the gravy on top and call it a
"Pie Floater"

Or the other way round!   Anyway..... No worries!

Chicken & Mushroom Pub Pie

Made using only the finest ingredients with freshly prepared English chicken breast and cup mushrooms in a savoury white sauce.

In our experience: 

Most chicken pies come with ham or leek or both. So here's something not remotely different but slightly unusual! If you see what I mean.

Chicken & Ham Pub Pie

English chicken breast with  full flavoured cured ham in a savoury white sauce in a lovely short pastry.

In our experience: 

One of our pubs has this as "Cock & Hock" on their menu!  Oh dear!

Chicken, Ham & Leek Pub Pie

​An all round winner with English chicken, home cooked ham and full flavoured leeks in a traditional gravy.  

In our experience: 

Naturally one of our top sellers.

Chicken & Leek Pub Pie

A real country pub pie made from English Chicken, fresh leeks in a traditional gravy.

In our experience: 

Our pub like to ring the changes with this pie. Chicken, Leek & Ham is the top seller but this comes in as a close second.

Chicken & Gravy Pub Pie

With English chicken breast a hint of fresh leek this pie is as traditional as it comes. 

In our experience: 

Not a lot to say here.... but plenty to shout about.

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