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ManEater Pies
5 x 650g

£25.00 / Case    

£2.50 / Portion
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Let’s Have A Bit Of Fun….. Some pubs like to create some interest and intrigue but putting something on the Menu or Specials Board that’s “a bit out there!!”

These “ManEater Pies” are a full 650g (1lb 4oz in old money) and will present a challenge to the most committed of pie eaters.

Challenge your favourite (or least favourite) customers and see if they’re up to the task…..there’s only 5 in a box so what have you got to lose for a bit of fun!

“ManEater Pies” (Baked & Frozen)

5 x 650g   £25.00 / Case   £5.00 Each

Available Fillings:-

Steak & Guinness “ManEater Pie”

"The Aussie" Steak & Cheddar “ManEater Pie”

Steak & Kidney “ManEater Pie”

Steak & Adnams Broadside Ale “ManEater Pie”

Steak & Stilton “ManEater Pie”

Chicken & Capel Mushroom “ManEater Pie”

Chicken, Aspalls Cyder, Sage & Red Onion “ManEater Pie”

Chicken & Oak Smoked Ham “ManEater Pie”

Venison Bourguignon “ManEater Pie”


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