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Lamb Hotpot
Presented by
The Pub Food Company

Produced by 
Banner Foods

10 x 450g

£3.29 / Portion

£32.90 / Case
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Braised lamb with carrots, onions and topped with sliced potatoes in a full flavoured gravy.

Bake in foil tray or microwave in a separate dish.

In our experience:

A good size portion here with Lancashire Lamb Hot Pot being a good old British classic. Better cooked in the oven to colour the potatoes but it can be microwaved in a separate dish and flashed under a grill. But you knew that!

Product Name:           LAMB HOT POT
Customer                    Banner Foods
Supplier name & address:    Banner Foods(of Bromsgrove) Ltd
                                                6 Finstall Rd
                                                Aston Fields
                                                B60 2DZ
Tel No: 01527 872581                       Fax No: 01527 576461
Production Site: As above
Health Mark UK 1005 EC
Date of issue:  10/06/14
Reason for issue: CUSTOMER REQUEST
The following product specification has been compiled by
Print Name___________________________
1.                  Product Description
2.                  Net Weight and Tolerances
3.                  Saleable Units per Case
4.                  Gross Weight per Case
5.                  Organoleptic Quality
6.                  Usage Guidelines
1.                  Ingredients List
2.                  Product Make-up
3.                  Declared Minimum Meat
1.                  Product Contains
2.                  Suitable For
1.                  Packaging Description
2.                  Packaging Material
3.                  Packaging Dimensions
4.                  Packaging Closure
5.                  Outer Packaging
6.                  Labelling
1.                  Bacteriological Standards
2.                  Testing Regime
1.                  Shelf Life
2.                  Storage
3.                  Fridge Approval


1.Product description: diced lamb with root vegetables in a hearty natural gravy topped with slices of potato
2.Net weight and tolerances: 450grm  ± 7%
3.Saleable units per case: 10
4.Minimum gross weight per case: 47--grm
5.Organoleptic quality:  A natural  lamb dish with chunky vegetables and potato slices in natural gravy
6.Usage Guidelines:  For best results,  reheat in a baking oven from fresh until an internal core temperature of 80°c is achieved, prior to serving.  Remove the outer foil before serving and after heating. If microwaving remove outer packaging and place in a suitable container


Diced Leg Lamb Basic
Sliced Potato Basic
Diced Onion Basic
Lard Pork Lard, Antioxidant (Natural Tocopherols)
Butter Milk, Salt.
Rosemary Basic
Leek Basic
Potato Basic
Carrot Basic
Celery Celery
Water Basic
Suet Basic
Flour Wheat
Tomato Puree Basic
Beef Stock Cured beef (cooked beef, salt, sugar, preservative: sodium nitrate), salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, malt extract (gluten) , molasses, sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice (from concentrate), onion powder, black pepper, sunflower oil.
Redcurrant Jelly Redcurrant Juice, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Gelling Agents, Pectin, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Citrate.
Roast Onion Stock Maltodextrin, partially reconstituted roast onion, salt, molasses, soy sauce (water, soybean, salt, wheat flour, sugar, colour: plain caramel, preservative potassium sorbate), sugar, sunflower oil, roast onion extract, onion powder, yeast extract, natural flavouring.
Col Flour Starch Basic
Salt Basic
Ground Black Pepper Basic
Chicken Stock Chicken, salt, maltodextrin, chicken fat, sugar, lemon juice (from concentrate), onion powder.
Product make-up:
450g meat and  gravy per pack
Minimum meat content per serving:  25%






This product contains:
Allergen Used in this products?
Which ingredient? Used elsewhere on site?
Peanuts No   No
(e.g. almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts)
No   yes
Sesame seeds No   No
Milk Yes Butter Yes
Egg No   Yes
Celery or Celeriac Yes Celery Yes
Cereals containing Gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats) Yes Wheat Flour
Beef Stock  (Malt Extract)
Roast Onion Stock (Wheat Flour)
Crustaceans (such as lobster and crab) No   No
Fish No   Yes
Mustard No   Yes
Soybeans Yes Roast Onion Stock Yes
Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites No   Yes
Lupin No   No
Molluscs No   no
This product is suitable for:
VEGETARIANS                     no
VEGANS                                no
COELIACS                             no



  1. QA check on goods received
  2. Production checks on quality and weights
  3. Production checks on temperatures and quality
  4. Production checks on temperatures and times
  5. Production checks on pack seals
  6. Production check on pack weights
  7. Prodution checks on labels and numbers in box


  1. Packaging description:  HDPE Tray, transparent HDPE lid.
  2. Packaging material: as above boilable to 110°c
  3. Packaging dimensions: tray 164mm x 223mm x 30mm
  4. Packaging closure: Vaccum packed and heat sealed
  5. Outer packaging:  Plain cardboard box with label 380mm x 300mm x 100mm
  6. Labelling


1.Bacteriological standards

TVC’s  Incubation

 time/temp = 30°c/48hrs.

Target <10

        Accept 10  -  <10³
Target < 20
Accept 20 - <100
Reject >100 - <10
2.Testing Regime
Frequency of testing: every 5 months or as to customer requirements
1.Shelf life:  Day of pack + 365 days
2.Store at:   -18°c or below
3.Fridge approval:  Store in refrigerator at +5°c for a maximum of seven days
NutriCalc:  NUTRITION INFORMATION   24-02-2010                                                    
RECIPE: LAMB HOTPOT                                                                               
NUTRIENTS per                 100g           450g                                                 
ENERGY (kcal):                150            675                                                  
ENERGY (kJ):                  626            2816                                                 
PROTEIN (g):                  8.1            36.3                                                 
CARBOHYDRATE (g):             9.3            41.8                                                 
   of which SUGARS (g):       4.5            20.2                                                  
            STARCH (g):       4.6            20.5                                                 
FAT (g):                      8.8            39.5                                                 
   of which SATURATES (g):    3.9            17.6                                                 
      MONOUNSATURATES (g):    3.4            15.2                                                 
      POLYUNSATURATES (g):    0.6            2.8                                                   
DIETARY FIBRE (AOAC) (g):     0.7            3.3                                                  
SODIUM (g):                   0.6 [631mg]    2.8 [2838mg]                                         
SALT (g) (Na x 58.5/23):      1.6 [1604mg]   7.2 [7218mg]                                         
WATER (g):                    70.7           318.0                                                
NITROGEN (g):                 1.29           5.80                                                  
CHOLESTEROL (mg):             31             141                                                  
POTASSIUM (mg):               224            1006                                                 
CALCIUM (mg):                 10             46                                                    
MAGNESIUM (mg):               14             62                                                   
PHOSPHORUS (mg):              84             380                                                  
IRON (mg):                    0.7            3.3                                                  
COPPER (mg):                  0.06           0.25                                                 
ZINC (mg):                    1.1            5.2                                                   
CHLORIDE (mg):                575            2587                                                 
MANGANESE (mg):               0.0            0.2                                                  
SELENIUM (µg):                1              5                                                    
IODINE (µg):                  2              10                                                   
RETINOL (µg):                 13             57                                                    
CAROTENE (µg):                532            2396                                                 
VITAMIN D (µg):               .4             2                                                    
VITAMIN E (mg):               0.24           1.09                                                 
THIAMIN (mg):                 0.11           0.52                                                 
RIBOFLAVIN (mg):              0.10           0.44                                                  
NIACIN (mg):                  2.2            9.8                                                  
TRYPTOPHAN/60 (mg):           1.5            6.8                                                  
VITAMIN B6 (mg):              0.22           1.01                                                 
VITAMIN B12 (µg):             0.4            1.6                                                  
FOLATE (µg):                  15             69                                                   
PANTOTHENATE (mg):            0.56           2.51                                                 
BIOTIN (µg):                  1.1            4.8                                                  
VITAMIN C (mg):               4              18                                                    
Calculations are based upon the UK Nutrient databank and other data and are our best estimates using the recipe information supplied.
Cooked products: there may be some loss of vitamins from the levels given.

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