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Hand Made POSH Pies 300g
Presented by
The Great British Pie Company

Produced by
Kentish Mayde

24 x 300g

£2.79 / Pie

£67.00 / Case
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'POSH' Pie Range From Kentish Mayde:-

This pie is totally hand made from start to finish and therefore looks very homemade, very classy and very Country Pub.  
I predict that this will become our best seller as it 'ticks every box'

Smoked Haddock 'POSH' Pie

Lamb & Mint 'POSH' Pie

Steak, Ale & Horseradish 'POSH' Pie

Chicken & Cheese 'POSH' Pie

Chicken & Ham 'POSH' Pie

Steak & Stilton 'POSH' Pie

Cheese, Leek & Potato 'POSH' Pie

Classic Minced Beef 'POSH' Pie

Spicy Butterbean 'POSH' Pie

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