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Beautiful Food Especially Created For Pubs & Restaurants.
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Beef Bordelaise with Pancetta & Red Wine
pub food supplier
Beef Rib with Chianti Red Onion & Rosemary Sauce
pub food supplier
Duck Confit with Orange Sauce
pub food supplier
Hand Made POSH Pies 300g
pub food supplier
Lamb Shank With Mint Gravy
pub food supplier
Lamb Shoulder Mini Joint in a Mint Glaze
pub food supplier
Pork Belly Ready Rubbed with Rosemary
pub food supplier
Snack Pies 225g

The Pub Pie Company

Award Winning Pies, Puddings & Tarts.
By Quality & Excellence, Kentish Mayde
& Proper Pies

The Pub Food Company

Beautiful Hand Made Entrées
By Oliver James Foods
& Banner Foods

The Pub Food Company....for beautiful Hand Made Entrées.

The Pub Food Company offers you a comprehensive range of frozen handmade "centre of the plate" dishes created to add width, variety and simplicity to your existing menu... whilst eliminating waste, vastly reducing preparation time and providing reliability and consistency at all times.

Many of our Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork & Vegetarian products are made using the sous vide method, bringing you an infinitely superior entrée to the "boil in the bag" or "ready meal" products you may have seen... ideal for the food service market.

We offer products from Oliver James Foods & Banner Foods.

Profit & Simplicity

Minimal Costly Waste
Consistent High Quality
Minimal Preparation
Time Saving
Great Value For Money
Made By Great Chefs
High Profit Potential
Easy For Unskilled Staff
Home Made Appeal

The Pub Pie Company....especially developed for Pubs & Restaurants.

The Pub Pie Company brings you the best handmade Award Winning pies on the food service market and have been created especially for Pubs and Restaurants.

Prepared by Quality & Excellence, Proper Pies & Kentish Mayde they are full of meat, in a crisp, light short crust pastry and can be prepared quickly, to present like a proper homemade pie.

With many varieties of Pub Pies, superb Multi-Portion Plate Pies, Snack Pies & the very impressive new Hand Made 'POSH' Pies to choose from.... why not give us a call to find out more or ask for a sample and see for yourself how they can grow your business and profit. 

Your customers will love our pies

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